Corona time

Coronavirus is a virus that comes from China, its name comes because it has the shape of a crown, that in Spanish is called ”corona” there are many suspicions of where it comes from, some say it comes from bats, but nobody really now’s, it can be transferred by coughing, sneezing without covering your mouth and by touching, so I am gonna give you some recommendations for it:

As I told before it is very easy to be transferred to we need to be aware, here are some recommendations to be healthy:

1.-  Wash your hands frequently

Wash your hands and disinfect yourselves with alcohol or with soap and water.

2.- Surface cleaning 

Clean with disinfectant all the surfaces like desks or shelves

3.- Inform yourselves 

Inform yourselves about the COVID-19 through reliable sources like the OMS.

4.- Avoid travel 

Avoid traveling, because other countries can be infected and you can be infected, so it is better to be in your home with all your healthy family.

5.- Beware of coughing and sneezing 

If you cough or sneeze, do it in a tissue, then throw it to the trash can and wash your hands.

6.- Avoid zones where are a lot of people.

If you avoid getting along with a lot of people, you have a lower percentage of been infected, because you don’t know if someone can infect you.

7.- Stay at home if you are sick 

If you are feeling sick, stay at home and call your doctor 

8.- Homecare 

If you are feeling sick stay at home and try to sleep in a separate room 

9.- Consult the doctor 

If you have symptoms of coronavirus call your doctor and look for medical attention.

10.- Change the way that you are greeting 

If you are greeting someone, try to keep a meter of distance.

Coronavirus is dangerous, but we can avoid danger if we take care of us, if you want more information visit the web page of OMS.

Ricardo Alexander Villafuerte Palacios